2017 Breckenridge

August 2nd - August 6th


The 200LCDC in Breckenridge

We were pretty stoked last spring when the number of event participants broke above 20. But then it kept growing. And growing. And eventually we closed in on 50 registrations. Of course, a few folks couldn't make it but we ended up with about 40 trucks at the event and nearly 100 people in total including families. It's was exciting to see this level of engagement but we were all even more excited to see what 40 Land Cruisers would look like all lined up.

LCs as far as the eye can see...

LCs as far as the eye can see...

It was definitely a sight to behold though practically impossible to fit into a single photo frame as it turns out.

The group met at Slee Offroad in Golden, CO on Wednesday, August 2nd to make acquaintences, pick up some last minute gear, and make final preparations for the coming days on the trail.

Over the course of three days the 200LCDC group explored over 20 trails in the Breckenridge-Leadville area. Our adventures included from tranquil, scenic drives along trails such as Shrine Pass, the Alpine expanses of Saints John/Deer Creek/Swan River, the technical-but-not-scary Birdsye Gulch, and the white-knuckle shelf roads of Red Cone, Sante Fe, and Handcart Gulch. We even did multiple night runs of Peak 10 right which starts right out of downtown Breckenridge.

For those keeping score at home, here's a full list of the trails the group experienced: Deer Creek, Saints John, Shrine Pass, Boreas Pass, Handcart Gulch, Webster Pass, North and Middle Fork of the Swan River, Georgia Pass, Red Cone, Birdseye Gulch, Mosquito Pass, Sante Fe Mountain, Peak 10, Peru Creek, Chihuhua Gulch, Weston Pass, Lower Mount Bross, Chalk Mountain, Mount Zion.

When we weren't on the trail, washing our truck, or taking naps to compensate for the 5:30 AM wake-up calls, we soaked up the summer ski-town vibes of Breckenridge, enjoyed drinks and dinners courtesy of our sponsors, and speculated where next year's adventure would take us. Would we be going back to Ouray? I thought I heard someone mention Tahoe? Baja would be cool? How hot is Big Bend in the summer? Will my truck survive Moab? Oregon seems unexplored? Only time will tell. 

Thanks for Joining!

Thank you to all who joined the event this year with a special high-five to all the first-timers. It's always great to catch up with old friends and make new ones while running trails in a beautiful place. 

3rd Year

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2nd Year

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1st Year

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Thanks to Our Sponsors!

The event was sponsored by our friends at Slee Offroad located in Golden, CO. Slee Offroad offers the largest range of speciality products for 200 Series Land Cruisers in the United States including a completely new rear bumper design, sliders, and mounting brackets for compressors and batteries. In addition to their in-house products, Slee Offroad can outfit virtually all aspects of your vehicle as they are a stockist for ARB, OME, TJM, Front Runner, Rotopax, Equipt Expedition Outfitters, Rhino Rack, Nitro, Rigid, Lightforce, Icon, James Baroud, and more.

We were pleased that Toyota joined us as a sponsor this year and thoroughly enjoyed joining them on the trail as well as talking shop. Thanks again, Team Toyota!

ARB joined us as well this year for the first time ever. The ARB crew brought their decked-out 200 Series to the event, shared updates on future products, and answered questions from the group.

Elite Land Cruisers offers turn key rare, rugged and professionally restored vintage Land Cruisers that are museum quality without the six figure price tag from other leading professional restorers. What sets them apart is their passion for Land Cruisers and everything they stand for, the detailed full frame off quality and immediate availability on any of the Land Cruisers in their inventory.  You don't have to wait a year and pay upfront before owning your dream Land Cruiser.